We still need one time donations to complete the building renovations.

Boyne City supporters have once again shown what can be accomplished in a small town. Thanks to many generous donations, our community now owns a solid 6,000 sq. ft building debt free. Our building now needs some serious updating to make it safe and accessible to all.

One-time donations of $1,000 or more from the many donors listed on our web site http://www.boynecc.com/ have put us in a good financial position. We have no debt and are now classified as property tax free. We presently have enough money to renovate the front of the building and will be starting on that project soon. We still need more money, however, to build a new rear entrance that is up to today’s building code. Our new rear entrance will also make both floors of our building accessible to everyone.

Here is where you come in.  All donations are tax-deductible and a  receipt will be mailed to you for your 501c(3) donation.

My most pleasant and shortest donation request took less than fifteen seconds. While I was running the cash register at Ace Hardware I asked customer Tom Veryser, from the Michigan Dental Clinic office above Café Santé, if he had heard about our plans to open a community center in town. He said yes, and I then told him I was asking people who could afford it to make a $1,000 one-time donation. He smiled and said yes, count him in. I shook his hand, said thanks and waited on the next customer. We live in a relatively small community where there are not thousands of people who can afford to make a one-time $1,000 donation, there are perhaps hundreds. Luckily I am not trying to open a 13.6 million-dollar YMCA like Bay City just did or I would need 13,600 donors. Again, please check out our website www.boynecc.com to see who has given us $1,000 to date. There are many successful and generous people on our donor list. I am asking you to join them with your one-time donation to our building renovation fund. If you would like to tour the building I would be glad to show it to you. Everyone who has toured it has been amazed at the potential this building holds for our community.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jim White

Building Fundraising Chairman

231-675-4016 cell


Possible uses of the community center.

First of all, this is not going to be a teen center where kids can hang out every day.

Some possible uses include:

Scheduled 6th – 8th grade middle school events, chaperoned by volunteers

Scheduled Friday or Saturday events for 9th – 12th grade high school students.

Possible Coffee house nights for 18-25 year olds per Tom Schraw’s past Boyne City success.

Dancing of all kinds - Ballroom Dancing, Line Dancing, Square Dancing.

Family nights in the game room, with at least one accompanying parent.

Catered private parties (There is no place in Boyne City presently, per Café Santé owner)

Reception hall rental for weddings

Possible use by a Ping-Pong club, billiards club, cribbage club, chess club, or bridge club.

Possible meeting room usage for quilting club, garden club, Eta Nu, Boyne City Yacht Club, boy scouts, girl scouts, service club meetings or events, art classes, cooking classes, ballroom dancing, line dancing, chamber meetings or events, art exhibits, exercise classes, karate lessons, palates, zoomba, ballet classes,

None of the above events require paid staff. To use the building each event will require a responsible volunteer or volunteers to manage the event and clean up after the event, much like the Boyne City Public Library’s community room which was used over 500 times last year.



Yearly projected expenses for the

Boyne Country Community Center


Rent $0.00

Building loan payment $0.00

Property taxes $0.00

Salaries $0.00

Any sales taxes $0.00

Natural Gas $3,600.00

Electricity $2,000.00

Water & Sewer $500.00

Building Insurance $1,500.00

Volunteer Insurance $400.00

Snow removal $0.00

Parking lot maintenance $0.00

Grounds maintenance $0.00

Building maintenance $600.00

Misc. expenses $1000.00

Total yearly expense $9,600.00 or $800 per month

Note: Compare this to the Petoskey YMCA, that pays $2,000 monthly rent plus all utilities and numerous paid staff. They have seen our building and have said our building is bigger and they like it better than their building. This is before we make any improvements to our building.



We will not have a YMCA fee structure with yearly family fees, plus daily fees, with families who can’t afford the fees applying for scholarships. Over 50% of Boyne City students receive a subsidized lunch, so fees would exclude too many families in our community


There have been some legitimate concerns raised about meeting the ongoing expenses that will occur once the community center building is open. I personally don’t feel Boyne City can afford the operating cost of an indoor pool or a YMCA. We are too small. We can, however, afford to operate a community owned community center building and use it for a multitude of uses.

Possible projected funding sources to meet yearly expenses:

Hall rental fees for receptions or private catered parties.

Possible fees for some adult group event usage.

Concession stand profits during school events (run by volunteer chaperones)

Pancake breakfasts on-site (full kitchen exists)

Cooking class by local chefs similar to NCMC fundraiser

Volunteer labor to minimize repairs (many have come forward already)

Fundraiser events run by Masons, Kiwanis, Lions, Community Center

Charlevoix Community Foundation - Boyne City Enrichment Fund.

United Way - we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit

Service club yearly donations (Lions, Masons)

Charlevoix County Foundation Donor Advised Fund donations

Rent our commercial kitchen to people making food products for resale

Café Santé fundraiser